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Crypto currencies are minted (mined) and authenticated by a secure public network which is designed so that no individual or group has more access to transaction data than another.

The first globally accepted crypto currency was Bitcoin and it started in 2009 as a virtual trade token. It utilized a special technology to determine the authenticity of a transaction via consensus on a secure global network.

The real difference between this and any previous systems, was that Bitcoin successfully eliminated the need to have centralized authorities such as banks and governments. All the transfers can be done with almost zero cost in comparison to otherwise massive fees through the current institutions and systems.


Capricoin is designed to power a global instant payment network with virtually zero cost transactions to anyone in the world.

Unlike many other cryptocurrencies out there, Capricoin has fast transaction confirmation times and can handle commercial level transaction volumes. Capricoins are distributed through a network of users. To prevent inflation we only have a limited supply. Once fully mined, there can only be a maximum of 201 million Capricoins.


Businesses use Capricoin to join an emerging market in support of a faster, easier way to transfer value between two parties.

The long term success of Capricoin will come from making it easy for the end users. The Capricoin mission is to be accessible to the masses with easily downloadable mobile applications. We have a solid marketing strategy to make this coin one of the most widely accessible crypto currencies in circulation.

Capricoin offers a number of advantages over traditional point of sale and international payment systems, eliminating charge backs and increases profit. Capricoin is the perfect choice for all kinds of businesses and makes accepting digital currency easy.