Capricoin has been developed through a collaboration between a group of technology companies in Europe and the USA. Our team of experienced developers and marketing experts have produced a sustainable strategy based around getting the widest distribution of the coin in the fastest possible way. Capricoin is designed to be a crypto currency for the mainstream. It is a new generation crypto currency with the latest available technologies; secured with advanced cryptography on a global peer-to-peer network.

Part of our Marketing Strategy is to ensure that we distribute the coin as widely as possible. This makes us truly a coin for the people.

Capricoin for individuals

Capricoin is not a single entity and anyone can become a part of the movement, simply by downloading the wallet and acquiring the coin from any number of exchanges that are available.

Individuals use Capricoin to transfer money to and from friends, family, and merchants anywhere in the world. Capricoin is an ideal currency for both face-to-face and international digital commerce.

Using Capricoin is easy, fast and secure. The technology in current development will enable Capricoin to be one of the leading crypto currencies going forward.


Capricoin is designed to be a globally distributed math-based currency. The developers of Capricoin created 200 million Capricoins at its inception.

Over the next 24 years there will be up to an additional 8 million coins produced through a staking rewards system shown in the table below. Of the 200 million coins produced, the total held by the Capricoin development team is 0.5%.

Currently in circulation – 20,000,000

Total Supply not to exceed – 205,000,000


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