It’s no secret that Capricoin is only growing in popularity, utility, and even usability, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to this step-by-step tutorial for purchasing Capricoin and then securing your investment!

First things first, head on over to the Vizionary sponsored and partnered exchange Huulk at Once at Huulk, sign up if you don’t already have an account, and for those that do, simply log in. After logging in you’ll notice that at the top there will be a “buy button” and in the top left corner, there will be two buttons, colored green and red that are labeled “buy” and “sell”. Click the button at the top, or from the drop-down next to these buttons, select CPC for BTC and click buy. Inside of this interface, you will have the ability to select how much Capricoin you’d like to purchase along with the tokens you’d like to exchange.

If you need to deposit your cryptocurrency assets to move forward with your purchase, simply use the navigation bar at the top to select deposits and use either the wallet address or QR code to complete the transaction.

And there you have it…
you’ve now made your first Capricoin purchase!

Now, keep in mind that wherever Capricoin is listed you’ll be able to exchange your tokens and obtain CPC. This includes a plethora of options including  Livecoin, ThePeak, Tradesatoshi, CoinBene and many more!

In our next blog and video installment, we’ll be discussing how you use the Capricoin Wallet and Vault to make sure that your coins are always stored in a secure and accessible place. And if you enjoyed this information make sure you head on over to our social media accounts listed below and engage with us there!