CapriCoin follows the best trends in business and within the digital arena where traditional monetary systems and money transactions cannot meet demands to be fast, reliable, and anonymous. CapriCoin does!


The CapriCoin network has gone through a couple major updates. We have significantly improved our blockchain security and made it less vulnerable and importantly - more stable.


We have implemented Secure Sockets Layer and CapriCoin core went through major updates. Moreover, we have set up new backbone for the whole CapriCoin network and released the most up to date version to the community.


There is more to come!


Over the last couple of months of dedicated work, our team developed a new physical product, CapriCoin Validator. It has been successfully deployed in Bratislava, Germany, Dubai and Hong Kong. This new development underwent strenuous real-world testing and is now ready to be offered as a community product for staking. Also, the team released our VAULT service that allows everyone to store higher amounts of CapriCoin within our vault from anywhere in the world!


CapriCoin has been actively listed on TradeSatoshi, LiveCoin, Huulk, BITKER and Coinbene. A stable community is what matters for all and that is why we have created a completely new web ecosystem with the team to include a roadmap to match the vision and strategy.


Even more functions and updates are coming soon! So, keep up with us!  


We have even more amazing news to share with you as we continue to push through 2019, we are glad to see so much success and energy on part of our team and community!


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