Roman is a ground-breaking success-driven professional with a history of influential achievements in the world of digitalization and marketing. He feels privileged to be a part of the fast-paced digital revolution that is transforming financial markets and businesses and he believes there is no mission that is unachievable.

Roman's projects

Roman is a founder and co-founder of several successful companies in the revolutionary world of cryptocurrencies and specially designed technologies. He is co-founder and CMO of 01People that implemented striking accomplishments in the field of financial technologies. His team of IT developers was the first team in Slovakia that introduced to the market cryptocurrency backed up by gold – OneGram. Every OneGram coin is backed up by at least one gram of physical gold. Also, this currency is the only currency that is fully independent of Bitcoin and except for Bitcoin it is the only token that has real-world transactions.


Roman and the CEO of 01People participated in the Forbes event in New York. Together with Steve Forbes, Slovak President Andrej Kiska and other businessmen they took part in exploring the possible use of a blockchain for government and in business in Slovakia, Czech Republic and the USA. 01People, in cooperation with the Forbes magazine, organized an amazing 01Hackaton – a 12-hour long workshop filled with information about financial technologies, blockchain, user applications and cryptocurrencies. In September the company opened its first office in Times Square, New York City.


In addition to the successful 01People, Roman is a CEO of 01Marketing House and 01Datahouse that are providing all technological and marketing support for OneGram, Huulk and CapriCoin.


Roman is also a founder and CEO of 01FintechHouse. The company recently successfully launched its innovative product Huulk, a unique business model combining both traditional and modern forms of exchange trading for clients with wide ranging needs. The innovations were particularly welcomed by the Chinese business community. This company is known for a strategic variety of cutting-edge solutions for e-banking, cryptocurrencies, and integrations of financial technologies for e-commerce.


As of January 2019, Roman will be spear-heading a team of 21 people in four offices – in Slovakia, United States, China and Hongkong. This is a devoted team of developers and marketers who have helped to transform CapriCoin’s successful re-emergence. In 2018 CapriCoin’s network went through significant and crucial updates. Roman was the instrumental leading personality in this project. His presentation that marked launching CapriCoin on the Huulk exchange was received extremely positive by a group of the most influential Chinese businessmen. CapriCoin’s marketing strategy is to ensure that we distribute the coin across all markets, making it truly a coin for the masses. The coin aims to become an established digital currency for all products based on digital domains. Roman and his teams are devoted to achieving all the challenges and foster a stable and prosperous community.