28th June 2019

The Ideal Balance Between Security and Usability

One of the most crucial points in the crypto industry is security. Even though blockchain is a very secure environment to protect against cyber-attacks, holding crypto assets in only one exchange might not be a good idea.

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17th May 2019

The “Alt season” is here

On 1 April, after four months of lethargy, when the price of Bitcoin had been down bellow the $5.000 edge, it has started to rise dramatically, again.

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29th March 2019

How to Purchase your CPC from Huulk

It’s no secret that Capricoin is only growing in popularity, utility, and even usability, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to this step-by-step tutorial for purchasing Capricoin and then securing your investment!

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15th March 2019

How to become a CapriCoin validator

Capricoin is based on Proof-of-Stake protocol to achieve distributed consensus. The creator of next block or validator is chosen in a deterministic way depending on his/her wealth or stake meaning that their chance to validate transaction and get reward for their effort is thus proportional to the weight of their stake.

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13th February 2019

Major updates of CapriCoin

CapriCoin follows the best trends in business and within the digital arena where traditional monetary systems and money transactions cannot meet demands to be fast, reliable, and anonymous. CapriCoin does!

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6th February 2019

A New Era of Remittance

The global remittance industry makes the world go round, and one small fintech innovator is looking to turn the entire sector upside-down

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8th January 2019

Roman Neczli被任命为CapriCoin(开普币)全球首席执行官

使命是无法实现的。Roman是加密货币和特殊设计技术革命世界中几家成功公司的创始人和共同创始人。他是01People公司的联合创始人和首席营销官,在金融技术领域取得了令人瞩目的成就。他的IT开发团队是斯洛伐克的第一个向市场推出由黄金支持的加密货币—OngGram的团队。每枚OneGram硬币都至少有一克实物黄金支持。 此货币也是唯一完全独立于比特币的货币,除比特币外,它是唯一具有真实交易的货币。 

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