Innovation team

Capricoin core team is made up of well-experienced IT technologists , pro-business oriented strategists, and marketing specialists with several years of practise in the crypto world. They all are members of 01People, a select team of crypto-professionals.

Ladislav Pasztor photo

Ladislav Pasztor

Ladislav Pasztor is a highly successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience not only in import and retail but also in network marketing.

Roman Kucera photo

Roman Kucera

Roman is a CEO of high-tech company 01People developing various fintech projects and solutions. He is an expert in fintech industry with global impact. As a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology leader he manages new generation crypto company based in Dubai - 01FintechHouse.

Roman Neczli photo

Roman Neczli

We process, evaluate, learn to understand and enrich your data and connect it with market data.

Richard Cedzo photo

Richard Cedzo

Richard is an expert in communication with advanced analytical skills. He worked as a PR manager, editor-in-chief and content director of several magazines and web portals. He also developed and led a media house and currently is the CEO of a publishing house.

Peter Hasak photo

Peter Hasak

Peter is a real manager leader responsible for the crucial project processes. His agile and consistent approach is a guarantee of the project success. His huge crypto knowledge allows him to set the processes the most pragmatic and feasable way.

Juraj Jurga photo

Juraj Jurga

Juraj is a blockchain consultant and strategist with strong economic background. He has worked for big4 companies focusing on IT and financial audit. Juraj is also an experienced crypto trader and a member of the Mensa Club.

Tomas Latka photo

Tomas Latka

Tomas is a skilled IT project manager and analyst with more than 12 years of experience in developing internet, intranet, and eCommerce applications. Tomas‘ duties and strengths include professional experience in project management, organizational and time management skills.

New development team

Development team consists of IT developers and specialists skilled in developing blockchain solutions, blockchain systems and architecture.

Jozef Knaperek photo

Jozef Knaperek

Jozef is a key designer and developer of the architecture for innovative blockchain systems.

Tomas Zubrik photo

Tomas Zubrik

A well experienced graphic designer with focus to create clean, simple & user-friendly design. Into design he brings emotional connection with improvement of UX.

Juraj Susota photo

Juraj Susota

Juraj is experienced in many fields including project management and mobile development. He focuses mainly on the latest technologies, thus his team is integrating them for every day use.

Michal Racko photo

Michal Racko

Michal is a data scientist focusing on artificial intelligence and data analysis. He prepares predictive algorithms. He is also skilled in object-oriented programming and advanced statistics methods.

Advisory team

A key advisor of renewed Capricoin is Jesper with a summative experience of over 15 years in business, network marketing, and sales. He transfers his years of experience into the cryptocurrency market.

Jesper Bentzen photo

Jesper Bentzen

Jesper Bentzen has proven himself to be a true visionary. He was part of the management team for two years before taking the key senior role of Network Director of Vizionary.